Andropause, Men and Eurycoma Longifolia Jack

You do not have to watch much television or listen to the radio for long before a commercial will come on talking about Viagra, Cialis or Levitra or about the risks of low testosterone. Because the testosterone level in men gradually slows down after age 30, scientists have named this period Andropause.

During Andropause, men will notice a lowering of the libido, may occasionally suffer erectile dysfunction, may feel tired more often and may have difficulty with cognitive powers that at one time were very sharp.

Technically low testosterone is termed testosterone insufficiency. The condition is caused by testicular dysfunction or by hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction. Hypothalmic pituitary dysfunction is caused when the pituitary gland closes down prematurely and shuts off the amount of testosterone that should flow through bodily systems.

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack is a herbal extract that comes from the roots of the tree, Eurycome Longifolia, which is found in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. For centuries this extract was used by doctors in the region to treat a host of physical ailments, including erectile dysfunction.

What sets Eurycoma Longifolia Jack apart from PDE 5’s, like Viagra, is that Viagra may or may not help users achieve an erection but has no influence on the individual’s desire for sex. This lack of libido is best dealt with the altnerative therapy Eurycoma Longifolia Jack.

This herbal extract is an effective alternative to boost the testosterone levels in men and women. In terms of sexual appetite and performance, Eurycoma Longifolia Jack was called nature’s most powerful aphrodisiac by Dr. Mehmet Oz. Not only will users of this extract be more interested in sex, but they will also have enough testosterone flowing through the body to be able to respond to sex when ther opportunity arises.

Other benefits include stronger bones, more muscle mass and improved cognitve powers. Eurycoma Longifolia Jack is a wondrous answer to many problems caused by aging.

Users can neutralize the effects of andropause and regain their physical and sexual energy and an overall sense of well being. This leads to increased confidence.

Users of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack report virtually no symptoms while PDE 5 users must deal with a variety of side effects. More than 60 percent of Viagra users never refilltheir prescriptions. This is caused by the failure to create libido and the side effects which can include, dizziness, digestive system discomfort and light headedness.

The PDE 5’s are being purchased and prescribed by doctors but they really are not a remedy for erectile dysfunction. If users take Eurycoma Longifolia Jack on a regular, cycled basis, they will enjoy many benefits including increased libido and firm erections and other benefits.

Don’t give in to andropause. Order Eurycoma Longifolia Jack today and begin enjoying the benfits of increased testosterone right away.

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